Kray Protection

The first aerial application drone to protect your crops & money

For your farming needs

  • Up to 20% increased yields
  • Up to 3 times reduced costs
  • Autonomous operation and collision avoidance

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  • Average performance 23-43 hectare/hour
  • Application dosage 0.7-7 kg/hectare
  • Operational speed 0 to 30.5 m/s

Our drone will reduce crop protection application costs 3 times and more, save up to 50% of pesticides and prevent yield loss by whole field processing without trampling while maximizing the yield. Its usage brings mid-size farmers return of investment >> 600%.

Additionally, it enables to increase yield quality and price by a flexible frequent foliar dressing.



Find more information about Kray Protection UAS in our booklet


Dmytro Surdu

Founder, CEO, CTO


Maxim Surdu

Sales director

Sales Advertising


Andriy Dashkiev


Business Development Investments GIS


Mark D. Galperin

U.S. Representative


Hennadiy Tkachenko

Canada Country Manager


Sergiy Zubkov

Head of production


Yevgen Khodakovskiy

Aircraft Lead

Aerospace Systems Avionics Aircraft Construction Piloting


Alexander Blazhko

Aircraft Engineer

UAV Systems Aircraft Construction Piloting


Roman Tsapik

Aircraft Engineer

Manufacturing CAD, CAM, CAE


Volodymyr Sirous

Power Systems Lead

Engines Power Systems Technical Design


Dmytro Zhyvitskyi

Power Hardware Engineer

Electronics Mechanics Power Systems


Vyacheslav Kotunov

Electronics Lead

Electronics Embedded Systems


Pavlo Kolomiets

Computer Vision Lead

Stereovision System


Viktor Sakharchuk

Project AI Lead

Patterns Recognition Stereovision Programming


Igor Stasenko

System Architect

Software Architecture Programming



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