Economics of Kray solution

The cost of application with our drone is much less than traditional aerial or ground application. But even against other drones, Kray looks like the game-changer solution due to

  1. the coverage speed up to 1200 acres per day in fully automated mode,
  2. best-in-class application quality with electrostatically minimized spray drift,
  3. with 10 times lower opex and capital cost.

Kray Protection UAS allows farmers to have 500% to 2500% of ROI in in-house usage model due to cost savings and yield increase.

With a tenfold reduced application costs, such affordable applications, in turn, can be used very frequently for crop protection, fertilization, and plant growth control increasing yield significantly which is the biggest deal for farming.

Self-flying solution for safety and productivity

Kray UAV uses own hybrid computer vision system for precise terrain relief reconstruction 300 feet ahead and precisely controlled VTOL compound multirotor platform of deep proprietary design and fully custom control software stack which allows achieving 4 inch precision of the position control in the whole flight speed range from 0 to 30 m/s.

In combination with electrostatic charging of droplets, Kray reaches industrial productivity AND EPA-level safety and can provide both at the same time. Most of spraying drones on the market way long for providing both requirements as their spraying application principle cause losing of safety as flight speed increases and they can’t change the principle easily.

Technologies of Kray for the industrial level of productivity

Kray UAV works with charging the droplets by 10 kV voltage while flying at 3 feet above the crop at velocities up to 30 meters per second. This way both great spraying safety required by EPA and industrial productivity required by the business economy is achieved.

According to a number of researches, the close-up electrostatic application allows reducing volume rates in several times with better coverage quality and fewer drifts. Electrostatic coating is a widely used manufacturing process in many industries. With electrostatic spraying, Kray brings spraying drift safety to the next level. 

5D precision spraying for the new Green Revolution

Kray is a highly energy-efficient solution, which allows carrying the highest quality spraying system of the proprietary design which performs monodisperse atomization with rotary atomizers, electrostatic charging the droplets and precise flow control to deliver the variable rate applications needed by the precision agriculture industry.